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Car lift resolved the problems of space in the building. APR lifts manufacturers, suppliers ,and exporters of car lifts. We offer both side doors open in the car lift that improves car parking and is ideal for every number of floors.

Our car hydraulic lift is a piece of equipment used to move a car up or down a ramp or incline. The device consists of two platforms connected by a cable, and is typically used to transport cars from one level of a parking lot to another.

Car Hydraulic Lift Specification

No. of Vehicle : 2-4 car
Capacity : 10000 kgs
Car inside : 5500
One side : 4400
Two side : 7700
Entrance : 3000
PTI Depth : 2100
Head : 5000

There are many advantages to using car lifts. They can be used to move large vehicles, such as cars and trucks, up or down a set height. This can be helpful in a variety of situations, such as when you need to move a car off the roof of a building or when you need to move a car out of the way so that you can work on it. Car lifts are also often used for construction purposes, as they can be used to transport heavy objects up and down buildings.


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